Belle Announces the Release of the Motiva Insertion Sleeve

Establishment Labs, the manufacturer of Motiva implants, is dedicated to safety through innovation and committed to promote best-in-class surgical techniques to continue to be the brand on the market with the lowest complication rate and the highest patient satisfaction.

As such, we are happy to bring you the Motiva Insertion Sleeve, manufactured by Keller, designed to make the insertion of silicone gel implants easier and safer.  With its cone-shaped design and its Hyaluronic Acid coating, the Motiva Insertion Sleeve provides a shell-tissue interface that reduces friction during insertion of the implant, gently delivers it into the surgical pocket and allows for a no or low-touch delivery technique. The Motiva specific trim guideline fully exploits the unique properties of Motiva Ergonomix Implants to allow for Minimally Invasive insertions.

The new Motiva Insertion Sleeve will be offered with each pair of Motiva implants for only £50.

If you are interested to learn more about this and Motiva implants in general, please contact us at