Concerned about the safety of dermal fillers?

Recently more and more is being said about the amount of BDDE used in dermal fillers.  This is largely due to the increasing number of reports of late onset swelling which has been linked to the level of BDDE in the dermal filler used.

Regenyal Laboratories have developed a patented production process that, combined with dialysis, means that their biorivolumetria range, contains 30% less BDDE than other cross-linked fillers and also have extremely low levels of proteins (<0.1%), free BDDE (<0.1ppm) and endotoxins (<0.25 eu/ml).  Combined, these advances mean a filler that is very safe and has a low complication rate.

If you are interested to learn more then why not come by the expert session area at ACE this Friday 31st March to hear Dr Rikin Parekh discuss his experience of using Regenyal over the past three years and also see the results during the live demonstration.