New Safer Filler Enters UK Market and Provides Natural Looking Results

Belle was established almost 5 years ago with the aim of bringing innovative products to the UK medical/aesthetic market.  One of the primary reasons for seeking the most innovative products is that we believe innovation, done correctly, leads to improved safety.  This is highlighted by Motiva implants which have, through several innovations, brought their key complication rates to less than 1%* making them the safest breast implants available. 

Belle is proud to represent Motiva in the UK and we are also very proud to introduce Regenyal Biorivolumetria products.

Regenyal Laboratories, based in Italy, is a family owned company that is based on innovation and focused on improving the safety profile of injectable products.  In order to improve the safety of Regenyal products they have:

  1. Patented a new production process.  Regenyal Laboratories' production process is dramatically different from that of other HA filler companies in that their cross-linking process is performed at low temperature over a long period.  This means that the HA mixture always remains in gel form and the cross-linking agent, BDDE is allowed to mix evenly and around 30% less of this toxic agent is required compared to other fillers. This production process also means that the size of HA particles in Regenyal products is remarkably small, 3-5 microns.  To provide some context, Juvederm particles are approximately 50 microns and Restylane approximately 200 microns. This makes the gel very smooth, easy to inject, easy to penetrate into the skin and makes the gel very stable once inside the skin of the injection area. Regenyal products are also very malleable so any over-correction can be easily addressed with massage.
  2. Developed a process that allows them to layer pure HA between layers of cross-linked HA.  Intercalating pure HA between layers of cross-linked HA means that as the cross-linking breaks down over time, pure HA is released.  Pure HA is known to have a biostimulation effect which leads to new tissue formation.  because of this, Regenyal products are the only dermal filler products that can offer immediate volumisation with tissue regeneration to improve the quality of your patients' skin over time**.
  3. Subscribed to the Green injections protocol: they try to avoid any kind of chemical ingredient or process as much as possible. They produce their own electricity and use their own water to make their products as clean and pure as possible and they do not use lidocaine in their fillers. They also use dialysis at the end of the manufacturing process to remove any residual BDDE or toxins from the gel.  Because of this step, the levels of proteins and endotoxins in Regenyal Products are the lowest on the market.

If you are looking for a very safe dermal filler that provides great, natural results then you can arrange a trial of Regenyal's Biorivolumetria range by sending an email to or you can download a copy of the brochure by clicking here.


*Through 5 years of a 10 year prospective study - Motiva Implants® Silicone Breast Implant Summary of Clinical Data: 5-Year Follow-Up. Establishments Labs S.A., March 20

** Alessandrini A., Zazetta M.  Biorivolumetria® seen under a microscope. In vitro tests to evaluate regenerative effect of Biorivolumetria® products.  La Medicina Estetica Year 39 N. 3 JulSeptember 2015