Standardising fat transfer

Developed by some of the world's foremost experts in adipose science, the Puregraft system was designed to standardise fat grafting, and address the procedure's biggest weaknesses; inconsistency and unpredictability.

Puregraft’s selective filtration technology uses dialysis to remove only blood, oil, fluid and fragmented cells gently from the harvested fat within a closed system.

The result is a concentrated graft of healthy, viable fat cells.


The Puregraft Difference

Traditional methods of fat graft preparation are not effective at removing contaminants
which cause decreased retention.

Data published in a peer-reviewed article comparing Puregraft to centrifugation and the decant method show consistently lower contaminant levels in Puregraft.


The Puregraft process

The Puregraft process

How to use Puregraft

Below are the 4 simple steps required to prepare your fat graft: 

  1. Harvest adipose tissue using your preferred method.  It is recommended to harvest around 50% more than you hope to use.
  2. Using a luer lock syringe, inject the adipose tissue into the Puregraft bag using the port labelled 'Tissue'.
  3. Wash the adipose tissue.  Close the clamp on the drain bag and Inject lactated ringers solution into the middle port labelled 'Wash'.  For volumes up to 150cc, introduce wash solution in a 1:1 ratio i.e. if you 80cc of lipoaspirate, then introduce 80cc of lactated ringers.  For volumes of lipoaspirate of 150cc or more, introduce only 150cc of lactated ringers. Now agitate the bag for 15 seconds to fully mix the solution.  Open the clamp on the tube to the drain bag and allow to drain for approximately 5 minutes.  Repeat this process and close the clamp to the waste bag.
  4. Extract the graft tissue.  Connect a Toomey syringe to the 'Tissue' port and remove the graft tissue.  You can transfer the graft tissue to smaller syringes using the 'tapper to luer lock syringe' adapter that is included in the set.

The steps differ very slightly depending on which Puregraft product you have selected so please take a look at the in-service video for the appropriate product below.

Puregraft 50

Puregraft 50

PureGraft 250

PureGraft 250

To learn more about Puregraft and how you can make your fat grafting procedures more reliable.  Why not visit the Puregraft website?



“Simply put, there is no more elegant, reliable,
and reproducible way to harvest, clean, separate
and transfer fat than Puregraft!””

— Dr. RL Berkowitz.

“My scrub tech processes the fat more quickly
than I can obtain it!”

— Dr. M Glasgold