Rethink Your Laser Technology

Since 1996, Aerolase has been leading the clinical research and development for the advancement of medical aesthetic laser technology and its applications.  Their corporate name is derived from their patented advanced technology, the air-cooled medical aesthetic laser. This provides new levels of clinical versatility, practical utility and cost-effectiveness. Aerolase has minimised mass, while maximising performance and reliability. Like many categories of today’s consumer and medical electronics, Aerolase represents a new era in compact, cost-effective performance for all practitioners and esthetic specialists.

Traditional “big-box” lasers, introduced during the 1990’s, quickly became the gold-standard medical aesthetic laser modalities, but these lasers’ designs have not changed since that time and still possess all the clinical and design inefficiencies of that era. Aerolase developed its revolutionary LightPod lasers to incorporate the best features of traditional big box lasers, while adding new innovative enhancements that result in a combination of efficacy, safety, versatility, and return on investment unmatched by any other medical aesthetic laser system on the market.

To achieve this, Aerolase has designed its LightPod lasers to deliver the highest optical power with uniquely optimised laser pulse parameters based on more than a decade of clinical research.

The LightPod Platform Eliminates Sub-Systems of Prior Generation Lasers

The air-cooled design of Aerolase with the laser emitter directly in the handpiece makes the need for trouble-prone, bulky mechanical systems obsolete including:  

  1. Fibre optic cable system feeding handpiece

  2. Motored pump for water-cooling system

  3. Water reservoir

  4. Water chiller

  5. Pipes and tubing for cooling system

  6. Air-water heat exchanger

  7. Heavy-duty frame and body

LightPod Lasers’ Unique Design Achieves:

  • Portable, light: ~25 lb vs. 150 lb (~11kg vs 68kg)

  • More reliable due to elimination of trouble sources

  • Minimal service or maintenance

  • Ease of service (unit easily shipped by parcel service)

  • Globally adaptive – 110V/220V electrical capabilities

  • Ready for use in 10 seconds

The Design Difference


Aerolase Advanced Laser Design


Traditional Laser Design